GauchoSpace Login Problems

GauchoSpace uses the UCSBnetID as the primary method for a user to login. The UCSBnetID is the UCSB online identity. That service is managed by a different group(Identity Services), thus we often aren't able to assist with UCSBnetID problems.

If you are unable to login with your UCSBnetID, please go the Identity Management Web page and try logging in using the UCSBnetID Diagnostics Tool. If you are able to login to the Diagnostic tool, and unable to login to GauchoSpace, please submit a help ticket to us. If you aren't able to login via the Diagnostic Tool, you need to submit a help ticket to the Identity Management Service.

The password reset tool on the right, is only for GauchoSpace guest accounts where the login is a non-UCSB email address. If you use it, you should check your email within a few minutes and then reset your password immediately.

For Students, Faculty and Staff who want to retrieve/reset their UCSBnetID password [click here]

Note: If you are having problem with the Email Password Reminder form, please submit a help ticket at
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